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How Do I Know When My Audi Engine Needs Maintenance?

Audi has been a popular brand for years because of its luxury vehicles, which is apparent in the company’s longevity. However, like other brands, Audi vehicles can begin having issues if not properly maintained. Here are some signs that will indicate the need for Audi repair or maintenance.

Signs your Audi engine needs maintenance

The engine is the heartbeat of any car, so it must be in optimum condition; otherwise, you will feel the difference. Some of the signs to watch out for include:

Loss Of Engine Power

If there is a decrease in your engine’s power, this will call for auto repair. Another way to tell if there is an issue with this part of the car is when it does not respond well to when you push on the gas pedal. If you find yourself having to give more than normal throttle to accelerate or for your vehicle to respond or, even worse, not getting any response at all, then you’d be wise to consider engine repair.

Gas Mileage Reduction

If you find that your Audi is not doing so well on mileage, this is an indicator that your car engine needs auto repair services or maintenance diagnosis. In some cases, you may notice slower responses from the vehicle even if there are no other signs of problems with the engine.

Engine Burning Smells

While driving your car, there may be some unusual smells coming from the engine. If the smell becomes strong and potentially harsh smelling, it means something is wrong with the way your engine is running. You want to take a closer look at your vehicle to see if there are any leaks or smoke coming from the exhaust or engine bay. You should avoid driving your vehicle and take it to a service shop that specializes in Audi repairs.

Clean Engine Bay

Often road gunk and debris can mask current fluid leaks from the engine, cooling system, power steering and or brake system. It’s important to have your engine looked over and cleaned any time there is any indication of possible leaking or moisture build-up on or around engine components. 

Engine Vibrations or Noise

If your Audi is vibrating or making significant noise, this can mean that your engine has an issue, but for some vehicles, this may be unnoticeable until it gets worse. Engine noises may also be attributed to other problematic parts of your vehicle. Still, if they seem to come specifically from the engine, you will need to have your vehicle inspected.

Engine Failure

In some cases, your car’s engine may fail without warning no matter what car you’re driving. When and if this happens, you should seek a prompt diagnosis of the engine to repair whichever component has a problem. To avoid sudden engine failure, you should have your vehicle in for a service inspection every six months (twice a year).

Audi repair shop Gresham

When should I take my Audi to the repair shop?

There is no set time frame when it comes to having an auto repair done for your Audi’s engine. You can find yourself in a situation where something happens out of the blue or one that takes you a while to notice. The problem could seem small, but it can also lead to much more significant issues such as complete engine failure. Ultimately, you should note any warning signs and make it a point to get to your local Portland, Oregon Audi repair shop right away.


If you want to drive your Audi with confidence, it is crucial to maintain it regularly. If you notice any abnormalities in how your Audi performs, schedule an appointment with a specialized repair shop to get an inspection. Call Trafton’s today for all your Audi engine repair needs!


When should an engine be serviced/repaired?

You should schedule an engine Audi engine diagnosis if you notice that your vehicle is starting to experience a loss in power or sudden noises are coming from under the hood. These could be signs that something is wrong with the engine, and it will need you to take it to an Audi repair shop for a check-up immediately.

How can I make my engine run smoother?

There are a couple of ways to improve the performance of your vehicle. One of them is ensuring that your engine is running at its best state. To do this, regularly check for leaks or anything else that may cause problems with how it functions. Also, ensure that any upgrades and additions to the engine are done correctly. If you have a check engine light or any other warnings on your dashboard, schedule an appointment for diagnostics.

When should I have my engine fixed?

Depending on how serious the issue is, there may be some warning signs to be wary of. If you notice any issues such as warning lights, rough running, abnormal engine sounds or driveability, make sure to contact and schedule an inspection with a professional.

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How Do I Know When My Audi Engine Needs Maintenance?

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