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Audi Service Cost to Expect as a New Owner

If you plan to acquire an Audi, you might be wondering how much it will cost you to service and maintain your car. As a luxury brand, it is important to have an Audi experienced shop work on your vehicle, which is typically higher in cost than your average general auto shop. Generally, the maintenance cost of Audi vehicles fluctuates depending on the service due and other CBS (Condition Based Services) recommended by the vehicle’s computer. This guide provides you with information on how you can avoid costly repairs by keeping up on regular Audi maintenance services.

Regular Audi Maintenance Cost

The most common parts you will need to service on your Audi vehicle are fluids and filters, however, your scheduled maintenance interval is the most important opportunity to have an experienced Audi mechanic look over your vehicle to see if there are any failing components common to the Audi brand. After every 30,000 miles, your vehicle should undergo a complete check-up and service session to keep everything running smoothly.

Some of the common areas for regular maintenance on your Audi include:

Cooling System Flush

Audi has a reputation for leaking thermostat housings, and failing CTS (Cooling Temperature Sensors). It is important to have your cooling system flushed and refilled with G12 or other factory-recommended coolants, based on the year and model of your Audi. It is common for inexperienced repair shops to use inaccurate/generic coolants in Audi vehicles. It is also important to NOT use coolant stop leak in your Audi cooling system, as this commonly leads to poor cooling performance and failing thermostats and/or radiator flow. 

Oil Change

If you own an Audi, chances are you love it. You want to keep it in top shape for as long as possible because if it breaks down, the repair costs will be high, and your car is not cheap to replace.

Even though all cars need regular oil changes, many people don’t do this regularly enough or do not even use the proper oil weight. This may come as a surprise, however, Audi engines have such tight tolerances, that something as simple as putting the wrong weight of oil, could cause catastrophic failures and even timing faults and check engine lights.

Audi Transmission Service and Repair Cost

With any car, issues with your transmission can be a real problem. The cost of replacing your transmission is enough to make anyone cringe, so it’s important to get it fixed correctly the first time around. It is also one of the most overlooked services by European car owners, likely due to cost being over $400 on later model Audi automatic transmissions and DSG transmissions, however, it is crucial to have the transmission fluid, pan gasket, and valve body filter replaced before it is overdue.

Suspension Service

Audi, especially due to being a Quattro, has one of the most advanced suspension systems in the market. Common issues to be aware of are worn or town control arm bushings, collapsed strut mounts, and excessive play in ball joints. When most vehicles on the road have two to four control arms on the front suspension, Audi typically has eight control arms. The dynamic stability of these vehicles is second to none, however, one worn suspension component can completely unbalance your vehicle’s performance.

Battery Service

Different reasons can cause your car battery to fail. Batteries have become far more advanced in recent years. And the days of putting a cheap auto parts store battery in your Audi are over. Battery failure can be caused by many things, such as overcharging, undercharging, amperage draw, water damage, inaccurate computerized registration and more.

Car batteries can be expensive, and if yours goes out on you, you’ll have to replace it immediately. This is why it is important to have a shop install your battery that uses the proper computers to register your battery to the vehicle’s onboard computer. 

It is also important to understand that even though an inexpensive battery may start your vehicle, it can be damaging if it does not have the proper ratings. Most Audis also require an AGM-rated battery with much higher amperage ratings than you might find at your local parts store.

Audi Timing Belt Replacement Cost

You should never prolong your timing belt service beyond its mileage due. Audi has a varying schedule for Timing Belt Replacement Mileage based on the year and engine in your Audi. 

The most common timing belt intervals for an Audi are 60,000, 90,000 and 105,000 miles. If you are unsure of what mileage to replace your timing belt, call an Audi specialized shop and they should be happy to answer that question for you.

Tire Replacements

Tires and suspension go hand in hand. If you have suspension issues, such as worn suspension components, or your Audi is in need of an alignment, then it is important to address these issues before replacing your tires. If you are beyond the wear bars on your tires and replace them before dealing with your suspension issues, then your new tires will become prematurely worn. It is important to have an alignment performed shortly, or even immediately after replacing your tires. An alignment check before replacing your tires is also a good idea but not always necessary depending on the situation. 

Audi repairs costs

Oil leaks

Oil leaks can occur for several reasons, such as a worn gasket, clogged filter, and failing PCV. In most cases, you can solve the leak by replacing the problematic part. Once again, pricing will depend on the amount of damage caused and the specific part that will need replacing.

Ignition Coil & Spark Plug Failure

The ignition coil is responsible for the igniting spark on your combustion chamber. When it fails, your car will usually run rough and usually lack power during acceleration.  Fixing this problem will depend on what needs to be replaced and the extent of the damage. A common cause of failing coils are overworn plugs, and valve covers leaking oil into coil pack holes.

Electrical Component FailureAudi Maintenace Professionals Portland

Your car is a significant investment. The best way to ensure your car is performing properly is by having your electrical components checked regularly, which can protect you from expensive repairs or replacements down the road.

Trafton’s Auto offers affordable services for all of your auto needs, including electrical system checks and replacements. We provide reliable services at reasonable prices so you can feel safe on the road without breaking the bank! Call us to find out more about our pricing!


If you plan to buy an Audi, it is important to factor in the costs you will incur when taking it for service or repairs. This can be reduced significantly by servicing your vehicle on time. At Trafton’s Foreign Auto, we have skilled mechanics to take care of all your Audi repairs; give us a call or pay us a visit! We’re more than happy to inspect your vehicle and provide you with competitive pricing! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all necessary checks have been done and any problems are uncovered before they become a bigger menace.


What does an Audi cost?

The price of an Audi is usually influenced by factors such as make and model. Some models may cost more than others, while older models are generally cheaper.

Is it worth it to buy an aftermarket warranty on your Audi?

It is important to carefully read all service contracts before purchasing a warranty program for your Audi. I recommend having an independent Audi repair shop look over your warranty contract with you before you purchase it.

Can I replace my own Audi parts?

If you have car maintenance experience, you can carry out some of the car’s maintenance needs. However, if there are any repairs you’re unsure of, you should take your car to the nearest Audi service center for expert advice and assistance. You should also consider that you will need onboard access to reset maintenance indicators.

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Audi Service Cost to Expect as a New Owner

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