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Aircooled Porsche Portland

Portland Aircooled Porsche Service

Porsche has remained one of the world’s premier manufacturers of high-performance luxury vehicles. If you have an aircooled Porsche in Portland OR that needs work done, look no further than Trafton’s Foreign Auto. We have been servicing aircooled Porsches in Portland since 1978 and providing our customers with quality German auto repairs. Our factory-trained and certified mechanics have expert knowledge and tools to fix your classic aircooled Porsche or your newer model vehicle.


Aircooled Porsche Portland


What Is The Best VW Aircooled Engine?

Even though many believe an aircooled engine is an outdated machine, they still have their benefits. Aircooled engines have been known to be very durable and long-lasting. Also, since they require less parts than the water-cooled engine, aircooled engines are considerably lighter. Here is a list of the benefits to having a classic aircooled engine:

  • Lightweight
  • Availability of modifications
  • Oil & Aircooled, less chance of corrosion
  • Fast warm up time
  • Reasonably affordable to maintain
  • Rapidly increasing value for aircooled Porsche models
Aircooled Porsche Portland

With every piece of equipment, there are disadvantages of course. While the aircooled engine doesn’t run the risk of freezing in cold temperatures, it does run the risk of overheating. That’s why it’s important to maintain the engine and its fans to keep your engine up and running. At Trafton’s Foreign Auto, we can make sure your engine stays in peak performance shape! That’s why we’re one of the most trusted names for aircooled Porsche repair in Portland!

We Work On All Classic Porsche Models!

The factory-trained and certified Porsche mechanics at Trafton’s Foreign Auto can work on all classic aircooled engine Porsche models including:

  • 356
  • 911
  • 912
  • 914


Aircooled Porsche Portland

Whatever model of classic aircooled Porsche you have, we can help with any issues that may arise. We can also do the following services on your Porsche:

  • Engine Rebuilds – We can take apart and rebuild any Porche engines! Our staff is very experienced and factory trained and can handle any engine rebuild job!
  • Transmission Replacement – Is your Porsche’s transmission running down and need replacement? Let Trafton’s handle it!
  • Electrical Testing – Our knowledgeable staff can test all electrical components of your Porsche and make sure everything is running at the highest level possible.
  • Emissions/DEQ testing – Need your Porsche to pass emissions and DEQ testing? We can make sure that your Porsche’s exhaust system is running clean enough to pass.
  • Suspension Repair – Does your Porsche need an upgraded or repaired suspension? Call us today and ask about our Porsche suspension replacement services.


Trafton’s Specializes in Porsche Aircooled Engine Engineering

Our factory-trained and certified Porsche mechanics share the same passion about your Porsche as you do. That means we will take care of your Porsche as if it was our own vehicle. Dealerships can get expensive when it comes to repair on aircooled Porsche models, but Trafton’s will give you quality service, classic and hard to find parts, top-notch knowledge, and the care your Porsche deserves all at a competitive price!

With over 46 years of experience, Trafton’s can handle any and every issue that may arise from your classic Porsche!

What is an air-cooled Porsche?
An air-cooled Porsche refers to Porsche vehicles that are equipped with an air-cooled engine instead of a water-cooled engine. These models were produced from the late 1940s until the mid-1990s.
Are air-cooled Porsches reliable?
Air-cooled Porsches are known for their durability and reliability. With proper maintenance and care, they can provide years of enjoyable driving experiences.
Can I drive an air-cooled Porsche daily?
Yes, air-cooled Porsches can be driven daily, provided they are well-maintained and driven responsibly. However, keep in mind that these vehicles may require more attention and care compared to modern, everyday cars.
Do air-cooled Porsches require special oil?
Yes, air-cooled Porsches typically require specific oils that meet the manufacturer’s specifications. It’s essential to use high-quality oils recommended for air-cooled engines to ensure proper lubrication and cooling.
Can I retrofit air conditioning into an air-cooled Porsche?
Yes, it is generally possible to retrofit air conditioning into an air-cooled Porsche, but it may require modifications and specialized components to integrate with the existing system.