Powell Butte is an expansive park located just east of downtown Portland. With its lush forests, meandering paths, and amazing views of the Cascade Mountains, Powell Butte has become a popular destination for hikers, birdwatchers and outdoors enthusiasts alike.

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One of the most iconic landmarks in Powell Butte is the historic Stone House built by Charles Powell in the mid-1800s. This National Historic Landmark offers visitors a glimpse into early American history with its stone walls and wood floors that are still intact today. Visitors can also explore the surrounding trails while taking in breathtaking views of Mt Hood and nearby Mt St Helens.

The area also boasts an impressive selection of outdoor activities perfect for anyone looking to get active! From mountain biking courses to peaceful nature hikes there’s something for everyone here – after all it’s not just about getting some exercise but also just enjoying one’s self! Those seeking more extreme thrills can even take part in rappelling & rock climbing or rent out horseback riding guides who’ll show you how to explore this vast wilderness safely & comfortably! For families visiting with kids there are plenty of fun options too – such as guided tours on horse-drawn wagons which take place from May-October giving tourists a chance to experience firsthand what life was like during the 19th century! Other activities include disc golfing, hummingbird & butterfly watching, orienteering and geocaching – so there really is something here for everyone regardless of age or interests!

Finally there’s also plenty food options available too ranging from classic picnic spots with barbeques set up by local organizations through to several cafes scattered around offering hot & cold sandwiches as well as snacks & drinks! Local favorites include The Real Mother Goose Cafe (famous for its tasty burgers) while those looking for something a bit more adventurous can sample specialties like fresh salmon served at Bear Paw Café inside nearby Camp Namanu. All in all Powell Butte provides visitors with a unique opportunity to explore nature while getting some much needed exercise in too – so why not check it out today?!

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