Laurelhurst Park is a beautiful and peaceful park located just east of downtown Portland. With its stunning lake, towering trees, and wide open grassy areas, this park has become a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike.

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One of the most iconic attractions in Laurelhurst Park is The Duck Pond which sits at the center of the city’s second-largest park completes with stream waterfalls cascading down into the surrounding lake. Visitors can also explore two miles of trails that wind around the shoreline offering amazing views of Mt Hood and nearby Mt St Helens.

Those looking for entertainment won’t have to look far – every summer brings outdoor concerts featuring local artists as well as movie nights organized by Friends of Laurelhurst Park while kids can take part in educational programs like nature journalism or bird watching! And don’t forget about Community Day – where locals are invited to enjoy live performances by musicians & dancers alongside games & activities for kids & adults alike!

For those who’d like to stay close by city amenities during their visit to Laurelhurst Park there are plenty of options available too. Boat rentals are offered from May through October allowing visitors to explore the lake’s tranquil waters while others can take advantage of bike paths running along certain parts of the forested trails – ideal for getting some serious cycling done with friends or family members!

Foodies will also be happy here – there are several restaurants scattered around including Roxanne’s Grill (specializing in hearty BBQ dishes) and Bowls Counter (famous for its delicious vegan bowls) while those after something more adventurous can sample specialties like maple-glazed salmon served up at Gresham Station near nearby Gresham Lake!

All in all, Laurelhurst Park is an incredible destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re here visiting or exploring your own backyard be sure to check out this amazing park – you won’t regret it!

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