Portland, Oregon is a hub of environmentalism, social progressiveness, and outdoor recreation. Located on the Pacific coast in the Willamette Valley, Portland is known for its stunning natural beauty and abundant green spaces. It’s also home to one of the largest urban wildlife sanctuaries in the United States—the Portland Audubon Society.

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The Portland Audubon Society is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting birds and their habitats in the greater Portland region. For more than a century, dedicated volunteers have been actively pursuing conservation initiatives at local, state, and federal levels.

At its core, the Portland Audubon Society emphasizes education about bird biology and conservation through engaging programs for adults and children alike. Through field trips, workshops and lectures, nature walks, volunteer projects, and much more, visitors can gain an appreciation for our feathered friends as well as how to protect them from negative human impact such as destruction of habitat or pollution.

In addition to organizing educational efforts throughout the region, the society also works with state and federal agencies on public policy issues related to birds. This includes advocating for stronger bird protections through legislation like Oregon’s statewide Forest Plan which outlines regulations for forestry practices that may impact avian species like woodpeckers or owls. The Society serves as a leader when it comes to promoting bird conservation by providing helpful updates on current events that protect native species across Oregon’s forests.

Other important work conducted by the society includes research projects related to salmon migration patterns during breeding seasons; mapping potential hazards in certain ecosystems; identifying essential bird habitats within city limits; monitoring pond levels near wetlands; running citizen science programs such as “Oregon Bird Spotters” which allows individuals to record sightings of rare species; and working with land-owners to ensure their properties are certified as “Bird Friendly” (which may benefit any owner looking into selling their property).

The Portland Audubon Society continues its commitment to protecting wildlife in Oregon by working ardently towards ensuring that future generations can experience nature’s wonder while simultaneously supporting healthy ecosystems—all without compromising land development standards or clean air regulations set forth by the EPA.

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