Tilikum Crossing is a much-needed bridge connecting the city of Portland with its surrounding suburbs. This cable-stayed bridge spans the Willamette River and stands out for its striking design and innovative engineering — making it an iconic landmark in the region.

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Running along the east side of the river, this structure is the first multi-modal bridge which was opened to accommodate vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, and public transit on separate lanes within one unified structure. Compared to other bridges like Hawthorne or Burnside, Tilikum manages to remain true to its purpose; it offers a reliable connection between both sides of the river without disrupting natural habitat or increasing traffic congestion in the area.

The bridge is divided into two parts: North/southbound directions over I-5 and east/westbound directions across I-405 & US 26 (both of which are major freeways that link Portland with nearby cities). The waterway it crosses holds significance in local history as this is where most of Portland’s early immigrants once settled near waterways for fishing and trading opportunities. Even today, these communities remain connected by this historic passage.

The design of Tilikum Crossing reflects an aesthetic balance between modern design and historical context thanks to its sleek yet sturdy appearance—designed to mimic traditional sailing vessels from the region’s past. This also allows for more efficient operations; multiple sailings can be made at once due to this design element as well as more sustainable power usage since wind power has been incorporated into its construction process (which should help lower energy costs).

In addition, one unique feature about Tilikum is that it boasts a “Low Floor” structural system which allows buses, cyclists and pedestrians full accessibility without having ramps installed alongside the bridge—saving time and money while providing accessible transportation options for all visitors regardless of mobility levels.

As one of Portland’s most important pieces of infrastructure connecting hundreds each day across multiple modes of transportation — Tilikum Crossing serves as a great example of how public projects can elevate neighborhoods while still preserving our environment and honoring its cultural heritage.

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