As one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, Portland, Oregon, is known for its vibrant and active lifestyle. Home to a variety of local attractions and businesses, Portland also boasts some of the nation’s most unique green spaces. One of these gems is Mill Ends Park—the world’s smallest urban park.

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Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Mill Ends Park occupies a total area of 452 square feet (less than 0.25 acres). It was originally created in 1948 by local journalist Dick Fagan who decided to convert an abandoned median strip into a pocket park and dubbed it Mills End Park. Its unusual size soon caught international attention and even made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smallest public park.

Today, visitors can find a wide array of plants adorning this tiny oasis including roses, rhododendrons, lilacs, and other greenery that adds joyful color to the city streets. The park is also home to several unique features such as a flagpole with a lamp at its top that shines brightly throughout the night. Guests can take their time walking around the paved pathways or sit down on one of Mill End’s two benches for some peaceful contemplation among nature’s beauty. Visitors might also catch sight of some goldfish swimming around in Tulelake Pond which was installed by Fagan back in 1949!

An interesting component about Mills End is its historical association with St Patty’s day celebrations over the decades. In 1950, Dick Fagan asked locals to donate four-leaf clovers for him to plant around his beloved park—which quickly became an annual tradition that has since continued for many years afterwards!

In addition to offering its guests a tranquil space away from busy city life, Mill Ends is also home to many birds (including hummingbirds!), squirrels, and other wildlife species who help keep this lovely green patch alive and well-maintained throughout all seasons. There are even photographs posted near the entrance showcasing local children visiting this special place throughout its history – something that no doubt warms any heart when they visit today!

Mill End’s small size might be deceiving at first glance but within it lies a quiet yet powerful reminder that even those living amongst towering concrete structures need not forget where we come from or our impact on nature itself—an important message indeed!

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