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Porsche Service Portland

Are You Looking for Porsche EV Service Near Me?

Porsche Service Portland

Since 1978, Trafton’s has provided Portland OR with the best Porsche services and German auto repair around. Our mechanics are factory trained and certified and can fix any issues that arise in classic or new model Porsche vehicles. For the best customer service for your high-performance Porsche, look no further than Trafton’s Foreign Auto!

We make sure that we only hire factory-trained mechanics who are just as passionate about your Porsche as you are. Because we share this same passion for your German-made vehicle, we’ve earned the reputation for being one of the top names for Porsche service in Portland.

What kind of

Porsche Models

does Trafton’s service?

We Can Perform Porsche Electric Vehicle Conversion

Trafton’s can service a number of Porsche models! We can perform services and repairs on both classic models and newer models of Porsches including:

  • 911
  • 356
  • 912
  • 914
  • Cayman
  • Boxter
  • Cayenne
  • Macan
  • Panamera
  • Taycan

When it comes to maintaining your Porsche vehicle, it takes more than just generic service to keep it running at its peak performance. Our factory-trained mechanics are capable of making sure that your Porsche remains a high-performance vehicle with outstanding maintenance services including:

  • Oil Changes
  • Fluid Changes and Replacements
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Check Engine Light and Electrical Diagnosis
  • Brake Service
  • IMS Bearing Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Air oil separator replacement
  • Timing chains & timing covers
  • Thermostat replacement
  • and more!

Contact our friendly team and ask about our different Porsche services in Portland!

Where Can I Find the Best Porsche Service in Portland?

Porsche Service Shop Portland

The best Porsche services in Portland can be found at Trafton’s Foreign Auto. Since 1978, we’ve been providing our customers with quality service that they can see. When you visit us, you can watch your vehicle get worked on by the mechanic while you sit in our lobby. You can even ask us questions while we work! This personal touch is what sets us apart from other auto shops. We allow you to be up close and personal with our technicians. Come visit us today and get your Porsche service from the trained professionals at Trafton’s Foreign Auto!

Are You Looking for Porsche EV Services in Portland?

Many luxury car brands are going electric, and Porsche is no exception. The Porsche name is no stranger to hybrid-electric vehicles — its founder, Ferdinand Porsche, created the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle in 1900! — but fully-electric vehicles are a newer challenge. As EV technology has grown and changed, so too have our repairs and services; Trafton’s is proud to be an auto repair shop capable of keeping your electric Porsche on the road for years to come.

Our experienced technicians are just as enthusiastic about your high-investment vehicle as you are. You can count on us for all your electric Porsche repair and maintenance needs, keeping your car in peak condition for the road ahead. Trafton’s have been Portland’s best-choice Porsche repair shops since 1978, and we look forward to keeping it that way into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions about Porsche Services

What Does a Porsche Service Include?
Porsche services are based on Mileage and Time. Modern Porsche uses what is called CBS (Condition Based Service), which is reviewed by a technician to see what maintenance the vehicle calls for. During inspection, the technician should inspect for other wear and tear items that should be recommended during service. Common service items include:
Oil change
Coolant Flush
Power Steering Fluid Change
Brake Fluid Flush
Air Filter
Cabin Filter
Brake Pads and Rotors
Transmission Service
DSG Transmission Service
Differential Service
Sunroof Drain Cleaning
Tire Rotation
PCV Replacement

What Are The Different Types of Porsche Services?
Porsche vehicles will need a variety of service types, such as mileage-based, condition-based, and sever driving based services.
Is Porsche Very Expensive to Maintain?
Porsche is typically more expensive to maintain than the average European car. Porsche parts and labor can be relatively expensive compared to BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and other makes.