Old Town Chinatown is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood located in the heart of downtown Portland. With its bustling markets, delicious restaurants, and array of attractions, Old Town Chinatown is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore Portland’s rich history and culture.

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The most iconic landmark in Old Town Chinatown is the historic Chinese Gate (also known as the Lan Su Chinese Garden). Built in 1894 as a symbol of friendship between Portland and China, this beautiful gate offers visitors an insight into traditional Chinese architecture and design. Visitors can also explore the fragrant garden filled with ornate structures, flowers, koi ponds, and more.

For those looking for entertainment, there are plenty of options in Old Town Chinatown as well. The neighborhood is home to several popular music venues such as Roseland Theater and Dante’s Live music hall while Chinatown Arts District offers galleries showcasing some incredible local talent. There are also several theaters in the area including Artists Repertory Theatre where you can catch plays like Hamlet or King Lear.

Foodies won’t be disappointed either – Old Town Chinatown has a wealth of amazing restaurants to choose from with something for every taste bud! Some popular spots include Ping Restaurant which serves up delectable dim sum dishes. Another local favorite is PaaDee which specializes in Thai food prepared using fresh ingredients from local farmers markets. For those on the move there’s even carts around town serving up delicious street food like gourmet tacos or savory crepes!

Shoppers will find plenty of great stores here too – everything from vintage clothing boutiques to art galleries featuring paintings from local artists can be found among its bustling streets. If you’re after something special though look no further than North Park Blocks – one of Portland’s oldest parks transformed into a lively shopping hub featuring specialty bookshops & independent shops selling everything from handmade crafts to fashion accessories!

Overall, Old Town Chinatown is an incredibly diverse neighborhood that has something on offer for everyone! From historical landmarks to modern eateries there’s never a dull moment here so come check it out today – you won’t regret it!

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