Located in the heart of Portland’s Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood is the beautiful Leach Botanical Garden. Established in 1950 by renowned botanist Dr. Lilla Leach as a part of her personal arboretum, this wondrous park encompasses 17 acres of stunningly lush terrain that features an expansive array of gardens, trails, and other natural attractions.

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Those visiting can easily spend several hours wandering through this paradise on Earth—whether it’s strolling amongst the fragrant columns of rose bushes along Crystal Springs Trail or taking in the majestic views from atop Wild wood Vista Point. There are also plenty of educational opportunities throughout as well; guests can explore numerous cohabitants such as the wetlands areas or butterfly pavilion which serves to educate visitors about many of the region’s native species while providing valuable data to park rangers through its observation decks.

In addition to dedicating herself to creating a unique green space that offers environmental education for all ages, Dr. Leach also believed strongly in uniting people from different backgrounds around shared passions for plants and nature — something that has been reflected over the years through various community outreach programs or volunteer initiatives hosted by LBCG.

Today, these efforts extend beyond just educational activities; they can also be found within LBCG’s Greenhouse facility which is home to countless varieties of rare and exotic plants from around the world that are nurtured and cared for by dedicated staff members and volunteers alike. Guided tours are available upon request so any interested parties can get a better understanding of how these specimens have been collected over time and what makes them special compared to more common species!

As one of Portland’s top destinations, Leach Botanical Gardens offer so much more than just scenic beauty—it is a living testament to the importance of preserving our environment while simultaneously teaching us invaluable lessons about science, ecology, conservation, and stewardship.

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